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We are distributinors of High Quality Nordic Heat Pumps.  We are passionate about sustainable energy, and how heat pumps can assist with that.

Having spent many years in the heat pump industry , in various roles, from installing, designing, consulting, training, etc, our focus has evolved to distribution, but with a significant amount of knowledge and experience to back up the relationships with..

Our primary products, by far, are those manufactured by Maritime Geothermal, under the brand name of Nordic Heat Pumps..

For both Maritime and Delta, our roots run to the geothermal side of things, but we have expanded to carry a variety of air source heat pumps as well, most particularly, the air to water line. These are especially popular in the moderate temperatures of Western Canada.

It is very much worthwhile checking out the Nordic website – – to get a sense both of the wide variety of products available, the performance specifications, and the quality of presentation of the documentation. This quality most definitely extends to the heat pumps themselves.