Network Thermostats

It's not a pure geothermal application, but do check out our Network Thermostats. They're a very inexpensive way of having solid control over a number of zones, either from a local computer or from the other side of the world. The wireless possibility of them also opens the door to retrofit possibilities that wouldn't otherwise be possible without tearing walls apart!

Control Systems/Design Strategy PDF Print E-mail

Effective control of the geothermal/energy exchange system, especially if it is liquid to liquid, is one thing that can make a huge difference in the operational efficiency. Be wary of people looking to design the system on "boiler-based" principles. While there are similarities, there are also dramatic differences, and we have seen some horror shows from otherwise solid technicians.

Radiant cooling? Yes! PDF Print E-mail

Is radiant cooling possible? You'll hear that the answer is "no" from some sources, but we've had serious success with it. The critical thing here is knowing and monitoring what the dew point is, and never letting the floor temperature get close to that. With that as a basic parameter, serious efficiency can be obtained, though this isn't something you want to jump into without a pretty solid depth of knowledge.

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