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Many times in classes and seminars, someone asks "Which heat pump is the best?" My answer goes something like this: There are a number of good and reputable products out there. You can have issues with any of them, but for the most part, we're dealing with a solid technology, and generally good results can be expected. More critical to me is service, and a commitment to standing behind product.

We've worked with more than one manufacturer, and have had different results from the service perspective. We've been distributing the Nordic brand for a number of years now, and besides the quality of the equipment, it's the service that keeps us with them. This is exemplified by real people answering the phone! Glenn Kaye started manufacturing heat pumps in the early 1980's; the company remains privately owned, and has expanded significantly, but still with the "everyone knows everyone" first name basis. Also, it is really nice to associate with a company that is truly environmentally conscious and Canadian. The product line includes everything from two nominal tons to sixty-five nominal tons, and covers the range from liquid to air, liquid to liquid, and Direct Exchange - definitely a full-service company.

We invite you to:
a) visit the Maritime website for a full product description (take particular note of the thoroughness of their installation manuals)
b) contact us if we can help you with selection and supply of the heat pumps.