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The concept of using PEX as loop material rather than the "traditional" HDPE is extremely interesting. It is used almost exclusively in Europe, and has recently received approval in the United States.  It is now CSA approved, so we are able to move forward with it more solidly.  We've been following its progress for years, and it holds some solid advantages. Among these is the fact that all manifolding is done inside the building, using something like an overgrown hydronic heating manifold. This offers the opportunity to balance flow through loops (removing the concern about ensuring equal loop lengths). Additionally, individual loops can be isolated off, making purging significantly easier and more positive. Of course we can manifold inside the building with HDPE as well, but it is significantly more work. To be fair, there is a potential disadvantage to using the PEX as well. If you're drilling less than 6" boreholes, it just won't work, as the pipe is formed at the base of the borehole rather than having a "u-tube" attached to it, and it needs close to the 6" borehole to make that happen. If, however, you're doing 6" boreholes anyway, it makes huge sense to consider it. We have been selected by Rehau as the geothermal/energy exchange specialists for Western Canada. You can look more directly at their product brochure by going to

Of course, we're able to work with you on the supply side of the PEX system as well.