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This is a product we've been looking toward for a long time. A dedicated DDC control system is magic, but sometimes it just doesn't fit the budget. Enter this 2010 Product of the Year. The system has the capability of centralizing control of one or hundreds of thermostats on a computer interface. It can then be accessed from a central location within the building, or from across the world via the internet connectivity. The concept is that it will do 80% of what a full-blown DDC system will do at about 30% of the cost. Beyond that, there is no ongoing fee required.

A particularly appealing thing is the way it lends itself to retrofit applications. In buildings that have multiple thermostats all over the place, you can go in and replace the thermostat, tie into the existing wire, but then use a wireless system within the building to effect the central control over the system.

As mentioned, it is not a pure geothermal/energy exchange product, but it fits so well into our systems, as well as conventional ones, that it reallys seems to us a no-brainer to offer this system to our customers. Of course we have used them ourselves before offering them for sale, and we were very impressed with both the product and the service.

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