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Segment 1 - Introduction - This is a typical intro - just getting into the drift of things.  Where are we going with the course, what might hopes and expectations be, etc. (20 mins.)

Segment 2 - Refrigeration Principles - This the heart of the Energy Exchange world.  If someone doesn't have a grasp of refrigeration, then they don't understand Geo.  There are two things we're looking to do with the refrigeration system - move heat around, and upgrade the "quality" of the heat.  How are these done? (14 minutes)

Segment 3 - Heat Pump Fundamentals - As the name implies, we get inside the heat pumps in this section. The core is the refrigeration system, but we stretch that knowledge as we apply it to heat pumps generally. (45 mins, but you don't have to do it all at one sitting!).

Segment 4a - Geology - We get into the ground on this one.  What are the things, geologically speaking, that determine how much loop we need in the ground? (54 minutes)

Segment 4b - Loop Degredation - If you watched the sample lesson, then you've already seen this one. It is good to be super aware of this - you'll be an exception, in a good way!  (42 minutes)

Segment 5 - Design Fundamentals - Almost certainly, the most important element in our industry is attention to design detail.  Everything so far is foundational to this - now we begin to focus more specifically on design. (64 Minutes)

Segment 6 - Ground Exchanger Design and Considerations - Continuing to progress, we lay the groundwork (pardon the pun!) for that unique and critical component, designing the ground exchanger. (55 minutes)

Segment 7 - Hydrodynamics - the understanding of hydrodynamics is especially critical to our field.  Pay attention here, to aspects that are unique to what we do. (79 minutes)

Segments 8, 9, and 10 - Distribution Systems, Hybridization, and Maximizing Efficiency - We gather a few related things together in this module.  Everything's important, but this is very important! (62 minutes)

Segment 11 - Installation, etc. - We're hopefully pulling things together here.  Installation from a supervisory point of view, start up and checkout, as well as a few other things that just didn't fit directly into other topics.  Thanks for following through. (63 minutes)